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this morning my heart woke
me up to tell me you're taking
your piece with you when you go,
tugging at the distance as your

plane left the runway and i wrenched into
the darkness you left me for and i swore
i could see the stars falling down around me
the minute i said your name and it echoed,

my god, the syllables sunk deep into the pit
of my stomach and rested there like seeds,
watered by the nights i spent telling what was left
of me to forget all of you while my insides

tried to figure out how to be less, necessarily
it never worked. it never does when you
treat hearts like candy bars, like pieces
you deserve to break off & take with you

like the chocolate centre of my soul i gave
you, instead of my blown glass shattering,
the battery that keeps me thinking about
my live wires at the edges where you picked

up & left; you had me making signal fires -
everything went up in smoke and
i found myself on the edge of arson

where i want to burn everything
down at the site, where i want to burn
everything at the sight of you

where it will be 5 in the morning when i miss you
enough to let my ragged heart beat again;
where it will keep repeating the rhythm
of your mouth and i will swallow the emptiness
your absence keeps pushing down into my lungs

where the missing puzzle pieces burn
their holes into the fringes of my heart and
let it wither like the grass fingering the
edges of the runway your plane sits on
collab with the ever-lovely natalie aka ~allforhim2 whose art you should take a good long look at if you are so unlucky as to not be following her already (:
this is her submission so please give it love [link] <3
Angelalala923 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Interface Designer
My plane is leaving the runway soon and I wonder if he'll wrench himself into the darkness.
anyimacielgray Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
it's a difficult thought i'd try to forget as soon as possible.
i'm so sorry
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January 16, 2013
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